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No matter how many times you may have said your pup wasn’t going on the furniture or bed, there’s no way you could resist that face when they look at you and try to climb up. Dog owners have found the relief dog stairs can bring for their furry friends in low places. Dog stairs can be a helpful tool for your dog to reach that high furniture or even assist in getting the car.

When you see your pup in need you want to help them up, but are dog stairs the answer?


    The best dog staris for 2021

    Why Dogs Need Stairs

    Your dog will attempt to accomplish those feats in order to reach you, or maybe escape. High distance jumps can cause great harm to small, or big bones. Any vertical jump from the furniture could potentially be harmful to your pet’s bones and body structure. The impact of these jumps can harm their legs, hips, and ligaments, all of which can lead to worsened health issues.

    It can be hard to resist the call of your dog’s desire to sit with you, either in bed or on the couch. Dog stairs make the transition from the floor to furniture easy on your pet, allowing your dog to move freely without any risk of injury.

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    PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps, Foldable Steps for Dogs and Cats, Best for Small to Large Pets

    The PetSafe Solvit PupStep Plus Pet Stairs are the perfect way to help pets reach their favorite places! These stairs provide easy access to beds, couches, window sills and more. The PetSafe Solvit PupStep Plus Pet Stairs are durable enough to hold over 150 lb., but weigh just 5 lb. The side rails and nonskid feet help pets feel secure when using the stairs. This make life more comfortable for older pets, smaller pets and pets recovering from illness or injury.

    About this item

    • Continue cuddle time: Use the steps to help your best friend climb up on the sofa or bed all by themselves to improve quality time together
    • Safety tested for durability: These durable steps are independently tested and rated to support pets up to 150 pounds
    • Lightweight: Weighing only 5 pounds the pet steps are easy to carry around the house wherever you need them
    • No slipping: Nonskid feet, fabric tread covers and side-rails keep the steps from moving and your pet from sliding when using it to get on and off of furniture
    • Simple to store: PetSteps fold down flat so you can easily store them under your couch or bed
    • Sizing: Steps measure 24 inch L X 16 inch W X 20 inch H
    • 2 color choices: Pet steps are available in tan and grey
    • Made in the USA: These high-quality PetSafe pet steps are proudly made in the United States
    • Helps pets reach their favorite places
    • Folds down for easy storage
    • Modern styling
    • Built-in safety side rails
    • Non-skid feet included
    • No assembly required
    • Cleans easily with mild detergent
    • Super lightweight at only 5 lb.

    Training your pet to use the stairs


    Step 1 - Place the steps near the piece of furniture your pet likes to use, as if they were going to use it. Let the pet approach the steps on their own, but make sure to give them a treat when they get close to the steps.


    Step 2 - When your pet touches the chair with their paw, nose or any other part of them, give them a couple of treats and praise. Continue to do this until your pet walks completely up the stairs to their destination.


    Step 3 - When your pet is sitting comfortably on the furniture, ask them to come back down the stairs, coaxing them with treats and praise consistently. When they begin to come down the stairs, give them plenty of space. When they reach the bottom of the stairs, give them a couple of treats and praise.

    Best Small Dog Stairs

    Small dogs simply can’t make the climb to most furniture, that’s why there are so many options for those toy breeds to get an upper leg. Dogs with small, short legs will need stairs that are short and easy to reach. A gentle step that doesn’t require your dog’s little legs to jump at all will be the perfect choice for a small dog.

    These versatile homey steps are not only soft and padded for small paws but come in fun designs and colors to add to your home. You can get these steps in up to 5-steps that incline carefully to relieve the most stress for your dog’s journey to the furniture. There’s no doubt those paws will get dirty, that’s why these steps have a removable cover for easy washing and maintenance.

    If you plan on moving these stairs from furniture to the car, you might consider something more portable This pet gear 2-step is simple to assemble, made up of plastics and a carpet tread. Since it isn’t covered in cloth and is super lightweight, this plastic portable stair can be brought to the car and slip into the trunk with ease. The plastic is easy to clean and maintain, and the carpet is removable for easy cleaning as well. However, these 2-step stairs don’t offer much lift for your dog.

    For the perfect in-between, check out these wooden foldable steps, easy to take from room to room, inside and outside. These stairs are small with low impact or depth, perfect for those small breeds and even those with long spines. These stairs will look good in your home and are lightweight and portable.

    Best Medium Dog Stairs

    Medium-sized breeds can potentially walk up steep steps that can be more compact than the large inclined ramps. Their long legs account for larger stretches and allow them to move freely already. However, each one of those jumps from the couch could be harmful to their bodies!

    Try simple steep stairs for medium dogs like PetSafe’s foldable dog stairs they are compact and easy to store, while still allowing lots of support for your dog. They are rated for up to 150lbs, which no healthy medium-size breed should overgrow! These stairs are plastic and foldable, but still have a slip-resistant patch on the steps to prevent your dog from misstepping.

    Most medium dogs can easily reach low furniture, like couches or chairs (your lap), but reaching the car is another story. If your dog struggles to get into the car, these medium dog car stairs will be a perfect solution. They are easily portable, storable, and sturdy! Car stairs are perfect for guiding your dog in and out without any injury. These portable medium dog stairs will clasp safely to your car and support your dog as they make the climb in or out.

    You can buy steeper carpeted stairs for your dog that accent the design of your home, or buy compact versatile stairs that help your dog climb any suitable furniture. Don’t forget to assist their climb into the car as well.

    Best Large Dog Stairs

    Even those big buddies need a leg up into the car or that lifted bed. While most large dogs are able to make large leaps, the vertical movement of jumping down or up can be very harmful to their body with all the pressure of their weight on gentle joints. Though your large dog may be able to easily climb to most surfaces, consistent strain and close jumps could be harmful to them as well.

    Large dogs need large steps, like these comfortably carpeted steps that offer rustic designs and plenty of space for your dog to climb. Wide steps will allow your large dog to climb with ease without falling or misstepping and hurting themselves.

    There are simple steps for lower furniture, large 2-step dog stairs. It is important that the steps are able to carry your dog’s weight (plus extra). When those large steps up to furniture are harmful to your dog, these 2-step stairs are easy to put together and pull over to assist him. They are lightweight and portable making them perfect to take around the house with you and your dog.

    Large dogs need steps into the car, too. Those steep jumps aren’t good for any dog, that’s why there are large dog stairs that are designed for the car. Made with metal supports and sturdy materials for your dog to climb safely. These stairs are adjustable and designed to alleviate stress on your dog’s joints while getting into the car. They clip safely to the car with no potential damage to the exterior of the car or interior of your dog. 

    Ramps vs. Stairs

    When trying to find the perfect assist for your pet you will come across the common argument, stairs or ramps?  If your dog has older, weaker bones a ramp may be better, but they take up much more space and have to be at the proper incline.

    When larger dogs use ramps, the distribution of weight can actually be more harmful to their joints than using the right stairs. 

    Dog stairs are perfect for healthy, agile dogs to stay healthy and move freely among your home, or into the car!

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    Possible Health Risks of Using Dog Stairs

    For dogs with certain health problems using stairs frequently can have a negative effect on their overall health. For instance, breeds that have long backs and short legs, such as the Dachshund,  are at higher risk of injury when using stairs. They could slip a disk in their spine from the action of going up and down the stairs, or worse, fall!

    Dogs that are uncoordinated, too young, or already injured have a risk of bone or joint injury and strain by using stairs frequently. In these cases, a dog ramp is much better than a set of stairs as they gently incline and put no strain on the joints. Dogs with arthritis and other similar health issues should not use dog stairs. 

    How Dog Stairs Will Improve Your Dog’s Life

    Dogs and stairs are usually not the best friends - a fact that you have probably found out the hard way. A dog falling down stairs might look funny in a cartoon, but in real life it’s nothing short of a nightmare. Depending on the steepness and the length of the flight of stairs, a fall might leave your best friend with serious injuries, including bone dislocations or fractures. Thankfully, you can prevent such wounds simply by ordering dog ramps or dog stairs, with just a few clicks.

    Picking the Best for Your Dog - Stairs for dogs to get on bed

    It’s so important to have the best product for your furry friends. Their bodies can be sensitive to certain climbs, inclines, and drops. Give your pet a leg up over your furniture with the right dog stairs. Portable stairs are versatile from the home to car, while other stairs are more static but offer lots of homey comforts. You can accent your home with your dog stairs, or choose ones that are easily movable and packable.

    Determine how portable you need your stairs to be, where your pup needs them, or if they need them everywhere! Buy the best dog stairs based on those needs. As your dog ages, you may consider moving to other products like ramps to give their legs greater rest.

    Dogs that are agile, young, and eager to climb will greatly benefit from using dog stairs. They can still easily reach you without any risk of harming themselves.

    How to choose the best dog stairs

    About choosing dog stairs, you should keep the following criteria in mind:

    1. Measure the height of each step. Ideally, the steps should have heights similar to the stairs in your home. That way, the experience will be familiar to your dog, especially if it's a senior dog, who's been living with you for years.
    2. Always check the step depth to be sure that your dog can easily reach them. Usually a depth between 10 inches and one foot for each step works best.
    3. Check whether the steps are sturdy enough to safely support your dog’s weight. This goes double for larger breeds like Saint Bernards or Great Danes.
    4. Always make sure the steps have anti-skid surfaces. Your dog should have a firm grip on the steps with it's paws.

    However, what if your dog is plagued with arthritis and is unable to climb stairs? Well, then a dog ramp for indoor stairs will be top-notch. A dog ramp will aid your best friend climb stairs, tall furniture, or even get in to the car without any discomfort. The trick lies in selecting the perfect dog rampa though.

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