The Handbook of How to Clean the Dog Stairs, Fast and Easy


Regardless of the material or the model of the dog stairs you buy, one of the common advantages they offer is their easy maintenance, because many of them, thanks to their design, makes this cleaning task easy-going and fast.

These type of dog stairs don't usually get dirty, but it is inevitable that gradually, they become filled with dust, footprints, and especially hair.


    How to Clean Dog Stairs?

    • Use a damp cloth with soap and wipe the surfaces, then wipe dry.
    • Shake and clean in descending order, the dirt on the upper steps will fall on the lower ones, which are not yet clean.
    • In case of deep cleaning first, wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth to remove the first layer of dust.
    • Some stairs can be dismantled for a deeper cleaning with plenty of water and soap but, do it gently. This depends a lot on the material it is made of. In the case of metal or plastic dog stairs, it works well, but in wooden dog stairs it is not very advisable.

    Keep in mind that washing dog stairs deeply and often can shorten their life cycle, for this reason you can use the following tools to keep them clean:

    Vacuum cleaner

    A vacuum cleaner is a necessary tool for any pet owner, with this instrument you can remove hair more easily on stairs that have a carpet cover as part of their design. Vacuum the stairs several times in both directions to pick up as much hair as possible.

    Rubber gloves

    With gloves, you can drag almost all the hair you can find on the surface of the steps and use them after using the vacuum cleaner for a last check.

    Removable covers

    The stairs that come with a cover are normally removable, so they can be washed in the machine; these covers can also be purchased separately to have a replacement, this way the fabric won’t wear out with constant washing. If your dog constantly leaves footprints on the stairs, it is probably leaving them everywhere. Use wet wipes to clean up the paws, it’ll take less than 5 minutes, and brush it of constantly to prevent hair shedding not only on the stairs but also on different surfaces in the house.

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