An amazing Dog Stair with an Inside House


These amazing dog stairs have a house on the inside which makes it fulfill a double function, not only they will allow your dog more access to high places like beds or sofas, but they also provide them with an extra space where they can take refuge.

Yes, both. A dog stair with a lovely little house! It is not necessary that this small space will be the definitive place of your dog; it can still have the same place at home but now it will have a new space where it will be able to rest.


    Double Benefit

    These stairs are anti-slip, resistant, but at the same time light and easily transportable, high enough for your dog to reach the couch, the bed, or any other place.

    In addition, it has wide steps with soft carpet, which make it easier and safer for your pet to climb up and down without fear of slipping.

    The compact internal house, which is quite spacious where the dog can be, can function either to sleep at night or just take a little rest, comfortable and more private.

    This place can be closed with a zipper, so in case the dog doesn't sleep there, it will still be a very useful space to keep some things like its toys, for example.

    And let's not forget the colors! This type of stairs always has serious and elegant colors to match the decoration of your house.

    A New Refuge for "Those Days"

    These stairs with inside house are also an excellent solution for dogs that like to hide or look for cozy places where they can take as a shelter.

    For different reasons dogs can experience nervousness or agitation and these kinds of spaces make the animals feel safer and allow them to relax easily.

    In addition, this space will provide comfort to the dog if it also has moments of anxiety on days where there are storms, parties with firecrackers, bunch of people in the house or where the dog only wants a small space that makes it feel protected.


    • The stairs are easy to assemble.
    • Firm and resistant.
    • Can withstand up to 30kg.
    • Transportable.
    • Easy to wash.
    • Easy to install.


    Can be expensive for some people.

    Whenever your dog needs these stairs, he will always have a little shelter where he can be when its wants to rest.

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