How to build Dog Stairs - The Easy Way

Do you have a senior dog at home, or perhaps one with cute, stubby legs (like a Dachshund or a Corgi)? Then it is likely that they face problems climbing on top of chairs, sofas, or even your bed. Sure, you can always order dog steps or ramps to help them climb. However, wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to build dog stairs for your best friend with your own hands? Imagine the satisfaction when you see your best friend climb onto your bed using stairs that you made specially for it. If you do not know how to make dog stairs yet, don’t worry. Here’s a step by step guide to the process, shall we?.


    Gathering the materials for build Dog Stairs

    Let’s get started! Get some strong wooden planks to build dog stairs. You will also need many screws to hold the steps in place. Around 30-40 screws should be a safe bet. If you have some left over, you can always use them in another project later. A mechanical saw and a screw gun will also come in handy.

    Preparing the wood

    Use a mechanical saw to cut the planks down to the sizes of the steps you want to build. You need to choose at least 3-4 steps to make it really comfortable for your dog. Ideally, two by fours work great for the individual steps, including one for the landing. Be sure to cut out some longer pieces for the frames as well.

    Fix the steps to make dog stairs

    Now it’s time to actually build the DIY dog stairs for high bed, so let’s crack on this. Lay the vertical support of one side of the stair flat on the worktable, position the landing vertically above it in a perpendicular position, and hold the other vertical support into position (such that the vertical supports are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the landing), and use the screw gun to bolt them together. Now slide the bottom step into place, hold it firmly and screw it into place. Now that the outer frame is ready, you can slide in the remaining steps into position and screw them into place one by one. Once you are done, do check whether the steps are firmly held in place by the screws.

    Finishing the stairs: Final details.

    Now that the stairs are built, you need to make them comfortable for your best friend. Grab a wood sander and smooth out any rough surface on the stairs. Once you are done, apply a coat of paint or clear varnish to ensure the stairs are not damaged by moisture. Let the paint or varnish dry completely before you let your dog use the stairs.

    That’s it. Easy peasy, isn’t it? In case you were wondering how to make dog steps for bed, well, this is how you can build a really simple model. Your dog should enjoy using it to climb up to your bed for a snuggle or join you on the sofa when you’re watching TV. If you need further guidance on building stairs, there are plenty of advanced guides available online on how to build dog stairs yourself, which may help you build even better models.

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