The Safer and More Resistant Metal Dog Stairs

metal dog stairs

Metal dog stairs are a great support for dogs with reduced mobility; with it, we can provide a resistant and safe support to your dog when it needs it, especially for the slightly larger breeds.

These metal dog stairs are durable, versatile, and highly resistant. They are made of extra thick stainless metal, resistant to corrosion, humidity, and environmental effects.


    Safe Metal Dog Stairs

    This type of stairs are safer since they are not slippery, as it happens with other materials, and they have non-slip rubber pads that provide more support to your best friend.

    The steps have a rubber coating with slots that prevent the animal from slipping while climbing. This makes it more stable for dogs regardless of their size, plus, over time and with use, they do not deform or wear out.

    It has a lightweight design, yet it can support from small dogs to dogs over 120 lb. (60 kg).

    Folding metal dog Stairs

    They are folding stairs so is not rocket science to assemble and disassemble which makes them perfect for use anytime your dog needs it no matter the conditions around it.

    Lightweight, portable, with impeccable details, bright, practical, and modern. These folding ladders can be opened and closed like an accordion for quick use either indoor or outdoor.

    They can be carried off straightforward which is quite convenient during trips and allowing your dog to get into your car without any effort. When the dog no longer needs it, just close it and leave it in the trunk, it will not take up space.

    Metal dog Stairs Can Be Used Outdoors

    Due to its highly resistant material, you won’t have problems using it and even leaving it outside the house: in gardens, parks, streets, etc. It’s certain that they will withstand different climates like rainy days, sunny and humid days, etc.

    Easy To Clean

    When you’re done using it, you will notice that its maintenance is simple, just wipe it off and dust it. This material also stands out for resisting corrosion; cleaning it is a task that won’t take too much time.

    This is a recyclable material: It is an element that has a long life and even if we are going to change it, it can be used in another similar construction where it fits.

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