Plastic and Folding Dog Stairs, Ideal for Outdoors

plastic dog stairs

The foldable plastic dog stairs are made of strong, durable, lightweight, non-slip material and can hold more than 100 lb. (50 kg)

They have wide tread with anti-slip rubber coating, this will protect your dog from slipping when climbing or descending them so your dog can use them with absolute safeness.


    Ideal for Outdoors

    If your dog suffers from arthritis, is tiny, has undergone a surgery, an operation or is very old, there won´t be excuses for them to stay at home since these stairs are made of resistant plastic, they are perfect for trips, so your dog will have no problem getting into your car. You can take the stairs from one place to another in the moment you need them.


    These plastic dog ladders can withstand some inconveniences such as being wet by accident, being in the rain or being outside on a sunny day.

    This makes them perfect in case you need them in open spaces like gardens, parks, fields or simply in front of your home.

    Although it is advisable to keep it dry, in case of unforeseen events you can be sure that it won’t be easily damaged.

    Lightweight and Easy To Store

    No assembly required, simply by unfolding them it’ll be ready for your furry friend to use, when finished you can leave them stored in the trunk of the vehicle. You will notice that it’s not going to take up much space.

    They are conveniently easy to clean, at the end of a pleasant trip just with a damp cloth and soap it will be ready to use at home in a couple of minutes.

    Minimize the use of space

    The folding stairs also works nicely for homes with not enough space. Once your dog is on the couch, bed, or the place you want, you can remove it temporarily, so it doesn't get in the way.

    They have covers with a variety of colors and patterns that will match the personality of your pet or with the decoration of your home, you can change the look whenever you want. These types of covers are easy to keep neat on machine wash.

    The height of these covers is usually adequate, however, it is not superfluous to check the height of the sofa, bed or the place where you want your dog to have more access.

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