Wooden Dog Stairs, Strong and Durable Design!

Wooden dog stairs

Owners of pets with reduced mobility are benefited greatly from having proper stairs for their dogs to reach their favorite places, as it eliminates the responsibility of lifting the dog to where it needs to go.

 In addition, it allows the dog to feel independent as before to be in its favorite places, even if it doesn't have the same agility as always.

The wood is a natural material, robust and solid, which is very resistant to compression, able to withstand more than 50 kg depending on the desired model.

They can support the weight of your dog without problem because this type of dog stairs will not easily deform and will resist bumps and falls.

Wooden dog stairs are durable, they resist better the passing of the years, and they can be adapted to different circumstances, since they resist better cold and hot climates.


    Safety Dog Stairs

    Security is a fundamental aspect when choosing a stair for your dog.

    These stairs have wide steps that provide security to your best friend while there are being used and have side safety rails, to protect your dog from nasty falls. 

    They also have steps covered with carpet and anti-slip for double protection and further stability during the dog's passage.

    Foldable Wooden Stairs

    They are easy to move and do not require assembly; you can fold and store the wooden stairs when you do not need it, sliding them under a piece of furniture, the bed or any other space where your dog wants to be.

    Elegant Appearance

    Even though your dog won't notice it, your guests will! And these stairs will look pretty adorable and stylish.

    Stairs made of wood transmit a feeling of warmth that not just any material provides. They also give a deep rustic and elegant look, but without toxic finishes or harmful compounds. Furthermore, wood is a reusable, recoverable and recyclable material. So, long live to wood!


    Remember, wood is a completely natural material that can be damaged by humidity and water. So, in case you live in humid climates with rainy weather is recommended another type of material for your dog's stair.

    Easy To Clean

    The cleaning of this type of stairs is quite simple, with a damp cloth and quality-cleaning products you will manage to protect them, maintain their beauty and extend their life even more.

    As for the coatings, they are easily washed in the machine.

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